Boarding life

The living environment of our students is of paramount importance to the institution. St. Mary dedication Boarding School is well structured to suit the variety of needs and requirements of its students. We provide a modern and comfortable environment where students can feel at home whilst away from their parents. Students live in the vicinity and go home on holidays and designated vacations. Some of the services available at the hostel include:


Qualitative Counselling:    

The School’s counseling department is very helpful in identifying areas of student’s challenges provides appropriate solutions and advising them on getting it right.


A New Experience: 

The Boarding system at the school provides a new and exciting adventure for students as students become willing to explore new living environments and develop a sense of independence whilst still under the supervision of the house masters and mistresses. They also have the opportunity to learn discipline in terms of scheduled wake up, study and light- out hours; skills that they will find transferable even outside the school.


Academic Assessment:    

As well as the checks run by the teaching staff, the boarders at St. Mary dedication British international school get further assistance in their accommodations by out qualified graduate house masters and mistresses. They help the students in checking student’s notes, critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities and identify areas where improvements can be made. This makes the learning process fast and effective.


The Kitchen Department: 

Academic excellence has a lot to do with nutrition. At St. Mary’s we believe that a healthy and balanced diet is key in fuelling the brain and body, thus, leading to better assimilation and healthiness. The caterers are highly qualified in a diverse and nutrition filed diet/menu. The borders have four meals a day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner).