Welcome to the world of St. Mary Dedication British International Montessori and International High Schools. We, no doubt, live in an era of knowledge; predicated on change and advancement. hence, St Mary’ brings an affordable global and advance educational system to this ever demanding and competitive environment. We are a people especially dedicated to building academic giants!



Our goal is to enroll students who demonstrate social, emotional and intellectual attributes that will set them up for success and allow them to thrive St. Mary Dedication British International School(s). We also look for unique interests and personalities that will add to the collective character of our school community. Academic achievement and potential, like-mindedness with the school’s program, and enthusiasm for the responsibilities that are shared by all students and families are essential. Below you will find a brief overview of the admission process with pertinent dates. A more in-depth look at the process is included at the bottom of this page.

The application process may include or require the following:

  • School records, including grade reports and testing for past three years from the previous school
  • Teacher recommendations from the previous institution.
  • A scheduled visit day.
  • On campus entrance examination.


Our beautiful campus makes a lasting impression on everyone who visits. Even more impressive, and perhaps the best representation of the school, are the interactions with students and faculty that take place during a personal visit. If you live outside the local community, we can set up a virtual tour through Skype or Facetime. Please contact Director of Foreign Affairs at +234 (0) 80 55911890 or or connect with us in person at any of our branches.



Participating in a classroom discussion, playing at recess, and meeting our inspiring faculty will help equip a family to make what could be the most important academic decision of a child’s life.  Likewise, this visit day is a critical piece of helping a student feel comfortable with becoming a part of a new school community. During the visit, prospective students can spend the day with their current grade paired with a student who will help them get from class to class, take them to lunch, help the student feel comfortable and welcome, a trademark of the St. Mary culture.

The admissions office is responsible for the selection of the quality of students admitted into the school and would provide any necessary forms and examinations needed to facilitate this process. On successful acceptance into the institution, we will be here to serve you better as the years go by. So hurry now to be in the current trend of academic excellence.